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Buyer Beware! Read this before you buy Remy hair for your needs.

Remy, Virgin, Cuticle-stripping, etc. It can all be very confusing when it comes to knowing what good hair is for extensions use. The question that may arise is, does it really matter what type of hair you have as long as it is Indian? Remy hair is crucial when it comes to your selection of products for your styling needs. Remy means that you are dealing with natural human hair. That means finding that all hair strands are facing in the same direction and coming from the same individual and not mixed up from various different people. That is why it is the prized as the mix to use for weaving and extension needs.


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Best Fusion Hair

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Best Virgin Hair




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  • 100% Virgin Remy guarantee
  • Affordable price considering quality
  • Knowledgeable Customer Service

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  • 100% Virgin Remy guarantee
  • Affordable price considering quality
  • Knowledgeable Customer Service

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  • Various lengths available
  • reinforced, hand-tied wefts
  • Refund within 24 hours receipt
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Now Read This:

Just because the word “virgin” is used with “Remy Hair” does not mean that the hair being sold is completely natural and chemically unprocessed. If the hair has been processed with chemicals, colored, or permed, that means that it is not “virgin.” Because of how difficult it is to find hair with all of these qualities, Virgin Indian Remy Hair is the most sought after hair in the worldwide hair extension market and is best to use.

The Right Remy Hair Will Help Stylists With:

  • Manageability and longevity
  • Excessive tangling
  • Breakage and Styling
  • Improved strength and natural look
  • Improved hair care

Do I really need to worry about these details?

It is really important that the hair cuticles are pointing in the same direction. That is why is so important to get the bundle collected correctly at the source in India. It is necessary to find companies that know the importance of collecting these bundles correctly from the start. Otherwise, you may be dealing with companies that are trying to pass off their Indian hair as Remy. It would be difficult for you to know this unless you have a high-powered microscope to check for yourself. Unfortunately, this type of microscope costs thousands of dollars. Some of these less honest supplier are banking on the fact that you won’t know to look this carefully at their offerings. However, there are companies out there that know that they need to be more transparent when it comes to this. You may start seeing a move towards more disclosure when it comes to this due to the amount of poor quality goods available on the market.

Cuticle health is crucial to the longevity of the hair. This is real human hair and it needs to be treated as such. That means refraining from over-processing and excessive flat-ironing. What is great about the correct hair is that it will react like human hair so you can find hair care products that can extend the life of your hair if you are careful with how you manage it.

Knowing that cuticle health is so important, you will see the need to look for vendors that treat this facet with the utmost respect. As the public becomes more knowledgeable about their quality needs, they are starting to look for these products showing that they want more wear our of their hair. Some companies try to compete with their poor quality products by stripping their hair, which makes it non-Remy hair at that point. In order to try to get the hair to be manageable, they with coat it in silicone. This is a very temporary fix because after a wash or two, it will immediately want to tangle up and show its true quality. This is costly in the sense that instead of investing in the right product initially, they will now have to start from scratch and find a supplier that won’t trick them.

Key Benefits of Remy hair:

  1. Unidirectional cuticles keep hair free of tangling
  2. Helps maintain a healthy natural look
  3. Helps treatment of hair more easily due to use of natural human hair
  4. Helps eliminate chance of wasted investment in poor quality products
  5. Helps reduce chance of processed hair
  6. Helps counteract the shedding of hair
  7. Helps prevent lack of styling due to poor quality
  8. Improves longevity of extensions
  9. Reduces excess time spend trying to save weaves

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